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A Fresher’s party was organized in Department of Pharmacy, where seniors welcomed their “Newly enrolled juniors”, who had now entered into a “Tremendous learning environment”, undoubtedly, an environment, which will be instrumental in realization of their dreams. Programme began with a “warm welcome” accorded to the guests and teachers, by applying auspicious mark on their forehead, in return, teachers wished “all the best” to students for their upcoming educational journey. Also, the teachers took this opportunity in transmitting “basic rules” into the mind of students, which play a vital role in a student’s life. Students were advised to get more focused on their studies, and students pledged to leave no stone unturned to achieve academic excellence in their chosen discipline. Motivational speeches of the faculty members were followed by the cultural programmes, where every performance looked better than the previous one. On this occasion, top officials of the University, and almost all the faculty members of  Pharmacy department named: SP Gupta (Principal), Dr. Madhu Gupta, Prabhakar Tiwari, Neha Goel, Satyendra, Priya Dwivedi, Saibee Saudagar, Pushpendra Mishra, Paras Kose, Naval Singh, Manoj Dwivedi, Pradeep Singh, Sumit Pandey, Kajal Dwivedi, Shivam Agnihotri and Ankur Agrawal, were present.

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“Excellent learning environment of AKS University, is giving  ample opportunities  to the students, and all the branches, specially cement technology is making progress by leaps and bounds, the credit, to the certain extent, goes to the advanced  labs, which are equipped with latest machines and equipments, through which  students are  gaining practical knowledge of their class room learning”, these were the words of Dr. BN Mahapatra (Director, NCCBM) , during  his  “One day”  visit to AKS University. Expressing happiness over the recent performance of the students, he said:  “Recently concluded placement drives in department of cement technology, especially that of “Loche” proves the growing reputation of the University, and companies are prioritizing AKS University for their placement drives.”Also, he hailed the performance of the students during recently held campus drives in AKS University. Dr. Mahapatra, following the meeting with top officials of AKS University, said, NCCBM is on way to set up collaboration with AKS University, which would pave the way for the students to access #Excellent industrial exposure in days to come.


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Shivpal Verma, the student from Biotechnology, will now be a “Research Scholar” of a prestigious institution named International Educational Agricultural and Forestry University, situated in Youngling province of China. Shivpal, under the guidance of Dr. Jung, will carry out the research work while Dr. Mukesh Kumar Awasthi, the Co-Guide, will assist him in learning the various intricacies of research. Notably, Mukesh Kumar Awasthi has rendered his services to AKS University in past. Shivpal will be paid Rs 65,000 as stipend during the course of his research work. Student has given the credit of the  success to his grandfather Ishwardeen, father Hanuman Deen, Mother Mamta Verma, and last but not least, to the guidance and  blessings of the teachers,  who  helped him in realization of his dream. Vice Chancellor PK Banik and Pro-Vice Chancellor Er. Anant Soni, have congratulated the student for his achievement. 

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With a view to spread the philosophy of “Mahatma Gandhi” among the masses, 17 Cyclists, who started their journey from Banaras Hindu University, met the students of NSS Unit of AKS University, and participated in a symposium, organized here on Wednesday. Participating in discussion, the enlightened guests gave their broader views on various aspects of Gandhian philosophy such as patriotism, social work and self sufficiency, and described their relevance in human life.Other dignitaries, who participated in programme included, Ajay Soni, Director, AKSU; Dr. Bala Lakhandar, Dr. Manoj Tiwari, Prabhu Dayal Sharma, Mahendra Kumar Tiwari, Dr. Deepak Mishra, Pankaj Urmaliya, and students from NSS Unit of AKS University.

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A “Modal Exhibition Competition” was held in department of Civil Engineering, which became a potential platform for the students to showcase the power of their knowledge and skills.  Students looked fully innovative while exhibiting the modals, and jury members were equally surprised to see their performance. Parallel to Modal Exhibition, a Quiz competition was also organized where students were found responding to the queries in an excellent way. In Exhibition, students were being backed and motivated by the faculty members named Vishutosh Vajpayee, Shubhanshu Tripathi, Akshay and Radhe Shyam Soni, who kept on encouraging them throughout the programme.The first prize was given to the team of Vaibhav Patel, while the team of Gaurav Verma had to be contented with the second prize. In one of the another events named  “Pop side Bridge competition” , team of Gaurav Verma won the title while the team of Shashank was declared “Runner up” by the jury members.Dr. GK Pradhan, (Dean Engineering), faculty members and a large number of students were present on the occasion, who kept encouraging the participants with big round of applause.

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AKS University has signed “#MoU” with Tata Consultancy Services; which will help the students to receive technical training from this prestigious organization. During the “Paper formalities”, Anant Soni, the Pro-Chancellor, on behalf of AKS University, while Sandeep Gupta, on behalf of Tata Consultancy Services, were present to sign on the papers. “#TCS a #leading company, with branches in almost all the parts of the globe, will now facilitate the training for the students of our University.  At the end of training, certificates will be issued, which will pave the way for the students to get the jobs in 200 companies of India and abroad”, informed Er. Anant Soni, the Pro-Chancellor of AKS University.  A joyful environment prevailed among the students when they heard about the MoU as it would help them in receiving world class training and job opportunities in days to come.On this occasion, Vice-Chancellor, PK Banik; Pro-VC, Dr. Harshvardhan; Dr. RS Tripathi, OSD,RN Tripathi;  Er. RK Shrivastava, Professor, GC Mishra; Dr. GK Pradhan, Dr. GP Richhariya and the faculty members from almost all the departments, were present.

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One day Seminar on the topic “Scope and Potential after Pharmacy” was organized at the central hall of AKS University, which saw the presence of galaxy of dignitaries, came from top pharmaceutical institutions of the country. The seminar titled “Pharma-Unmukhikaran” was attended by approximately 400 students, who reaped the benefit of the valuable information shared by Dr. Mahesh Burande, a renowned “Expert” in field of Pharmacy. Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Burande said:  “Pharmacy is a field of opportunities, which is keen to secure the pharmacists, who have positivity in their attitude, adequate knowledge of the product and excellent listening skills. Motivating the students, he advised them to become “Amitabh Bacchan” of their respective field. Sharing the dais, Surya Prakash Gupta, the Principal (Pharmacy, AKSU) took the opportunity to introduce the guests, and shared some specific information about RajivGandhi Institute of Pharmacy and Department of PharmaceuticalScience and Technology.Earlier, all the guests and newly enrolled students were accorded warm welcome by Dr. GP Richhariya. RN Tripathi, the OSD, during his speech, narrated the successful journey of AKS University. Dr. Harshvardhan, in his speech, repeated the commitment of AKS University to facilitate “Quality education” for the students. In his short speech, Dr. RS Tripathi shared his views on exploring ways to achieve academic excellence.The faculty members who rendered their contribution in successful conduction of the seminar are: Madhu Gupta, Prabhakar Tiwari, Neha Goel, Satyendra, Priya Dwivedi, Saibee Saudagar, Pushpendra Mishra, Paras Kose, Naval Singh, Manoj Dwivedi, Pradeep Singh, Sumit Pandey, Kajal Dwivedi, Shivam Agnihotri and Ankur Agrawal.


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New comers of Paramedical Science, Micro-Biology and Bio-Technology, assembled at the huge auditorium of AKS University, and received valuable information, during the Induction Programme, took place in University on Tuesday. Addressing to students on this occasion, VC-Paritosh Banik said: “Bio-tech is a leading branch of the University, which has given exemplary outcomes in recent past; it has taken new initiatives in field of research and development. Its academic performance and recently conducted international seminar, force everyone to lavish praises for the Department.”Induction Programme helped the students in getting well informed about classes, teachers, time table, library, bus facility, scholarship, campus placement, hostel and loan education etc. During the programme, students were informed about the curriculum as well as the courses they are going to pursue in days to come. The team of experts, present on the occasion, apprised the audience about the University profile, evaluation system, cultural activities and various schemes launched by government for the welfare of students.In addition, students were also informed about the career opportunities in their chosen discipline. Students were assured of adequate corporate exposure in days to come.The programme was attended by Deans, Directors and HoDs of all the departments, while Ashwini A Waoo, the faculty member from Department of Biotech, anchored and directed by function.

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Akhilesh A Waoo, the HoD (Computer Science) participated in a workshop titled “Study web of active learning for young aspiring minds”, organized under the aegis of UGC and Human Resource Development Ministry of India, in capital Bhopal on Friday. Workshop experienced theextensive brainstorming on the topics related to “Massive online courses”, their adoption, awareness and promotion among the students of University. Informing in this regard, Akhilesh AWaoo told that the workshop was aimed at discussing the topic “Study web of active learning for young aspiring minds”, its applications and advantages for the students of the University. Earlier, the programme began with the opening remarks of Bhusan Nadda and Dr. C. Thungraj, which were followed by the lectures of other dignitaries present at this occasion. Dr. Akhilesh A Waoo termed the workshop “Informative and productive” one.

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CS department organized a workshop on Friday, in which Rudra Abhishek Soni, the renowned Film Maker and Animator shared some interesting information about “Animation”. It was a “one day” workshop, organized under the guidance of Akhilesh A Waoo, on the topic “User Interface and User Experience Design Motion Graphics”, where the contents related to “Photoshop Layer”, were also discussed in detail. Rudra Abhishek, the keynote speaker, shared some useful information about “Adobe Workshop” and cleared the concept of the students in an easier way. In order to simplify the concept of Animation, bouncing balls and walking puppets, were also used by the expert.The faculty members, who contributed  in successful conduction of the workshop included, Dr Subhadra Shaw, Pragya Shrivastava, Vijay Vishwakarma, Deependra Shukla, Shivani Patnaha, Harimohan Mishra, Viren Tiwari, Madan Mohan Mishra, Balendra Garg, Shankar Bera, Vinay Dwivedi, Brajesh Soni and Anand Payasi.

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